Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mes part 2

Well my opinion has changed in the last couple of days. Let me tell you what happened. Mes had woken up at around 4pm and went to get some food from the fridge. Upon opening the fridge he found that some type of food that he always kept there wasn’t there anymore. Keep in mind that he hasn’t lived here in months. He goes into a fit of rage accusing his ex-wife of throwing it out. I didn’t want to be around the drama so I left. I went into the back yard to smoke a joint or two that I had saved for such a moment. A joint filled hour passes and as I call my sticky friends too roached to smoke anymore I hear a loud commotion. At first I tell myself to stay out of it but as the yelling got louder and louder I thought I should just go to make sure things didn’t get violent. As I got up on the porch Mes was screaming all red faced telling his ex-wife that he was going to kill her. As he started to get closer to her I put myself between them to keep things calm and he attacked me. He tried to choke me and I pushed him to the ground. When he fell his leg got tangled in a little plastic tricycle and even though I didn’t think it was possible he got even louder. This time he got in my face telling me he was going to come back when no one was around and kill me. I know he’s a blowhard but he’s still 6’4 and 3 times my weight so my heart was racing but I was also very stoned so I stood there the entire time with a poker face from hell. Eventually the walking pile of crotch rot limped out to his car while calling the police telling them that there was weed at the house and that we attacked them. We couldn’t hide the weed with Mes right there so I left in my car to draw him away. I thought I could outrun him but his truck was better than my car he ended up running me off the road into a ditch just after that the cops showed up. After taking our statements they told him to leave and let me go back to the house. They knew Mes. They have seen his leg swell and he still said that I caused the swelling by knocking him down. The cops instantly called him on his bull shit. They found no contraband but I smelled like “a whole field of weed” according to the cop but I still got off with a warning. Mes is now trying to weasel his way back into the household by saying that it was all a misunderstanding. His ex is filing a restraining order. From what I have seen I don’t think I really have to worry about him actually trying to kill me. Still the fucking bastards got me sleeping with a gun under my pillow.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good bye Mes

I find myself in an interesting place that makes me happy that a have a blog right now. Let me start out by explaining a guy. Let’s call him Mes. Mes is one of the worst people I have ever met. He is an old meth head. He’s murdered and sold drugs and been in out of prison his whole life. His family hates him. He is every shade of racist lying asshole that you can think of. His 3 year old girl won’t even see him. He has worked so hard to keep his marriage from ending, not in a good way mind you through threats and manipulation, but he is now divorced and has a big restraining order on him. He has no one that gives a fuck about him because of the life that he has chosen to live. He has some type of sickness right now though. He is extremely overweight (450 to 550) with the typical beer belly and no ass. His leg started hurting him about 6 months back and now it has swollen up by three times its size and the skin is splitting and has long red lines all through it. He is too stubborn to go to the hospital. He knows he is dieing so he showed up last night at the house of the woman of that’s letting me stay in her shed. He is now demanding that she let him stay here. They screamed for hours I could hear it out in the shed. He is threatening to say some things to the police about this mother of 4 that could prove less than positive for her and by extension her kids too. She is between a rock and a hard place so she is letting him stay in her bed while she sleeps on the couch. So now this rotten old man is dieing not 10 feet away and I can’t decide how to feel about it. Happy about this pile of shit about to leave this earth and by that make it a better place? Or should it be pity for this old man about to die. Sure everything about him makes me want to light him on fire but I know he is in a great amount of pain by the way he barely breaths and moans every time he moves and I can’t help but feel bad for him. I am full of conflicting thoughts so I ask for yours.