Thursday, August 18, 2011

"And now if I may have a small moment of your time here are some of my stoned ramblings. Thank you."

Ahhh. Sweet serenity is my weed. How can something so simple be so helpful? I’m sitting at a rest stop smoking my cares away and all is better. First hit and the key on my mind is turned and as the door swings open. Out spills my frustration and anxiety and I smile as I wave them goodbye. And the space they left behind is filled with peace and all is well again. How can something so simple be so illegal? Because as I sit here I also have to keep watch for cops and that gives such a dark cloud to this activity. I mean how am I doing anything wrong? How can something so simple be so hated? I even can’t go home now. Not till I sober up and air out my shirt. They will look at me with a look of disappointment letting me know what they think of this activity and of me by my association. How can something so simple be so complicated?
As I sit here I ponder my questions owe so baked while baking from the heat of my car I find my balance of thought by exploring the points of it. Because there is nothing wrong with weed right? It’s safer than alcohol and less addictive and detrimental than cigarettes so what’s the point of this hatred? It just takes you from your normal reality and puts you in a better one for a while. But then again that itself is a bad thing. To be taken from reality is to give you a false viewpoint of the world and no one can say that a lie is a positive thing even if it is just for a moment. At times I may want to believe a beautiful lie rather than this harsh reality and once that happens I may let my world fall to shit forsaking it for my beautiful lie. But once again balance must be used if a rational thought is my goal so I say that the good outweighs the bad. Plus I’m still here no matter how much I may want to just say fuck it all I’m still fighting this good fight of reality and that may be because of weed. Cause if it wasn’t for weed I’d gone postal and killed you all years ago. I’m just motivation away from being an evil scientist after all. And I'm a clever bastard, you would all be zombies within a year. So I self medicate and everyone does in one way or another and my way is very affective at putting me at peace so go back to the masses and help them with a smile while I secretly plot there demise. But then I realize that in the end in a universe so vastly larger than my comprehension my actions during my brief blip of time on this speck in middle of the galaxy are insignificant and therefore I should really just live my life the best way I know how and not worry about something that really doesn’t matter.
Ahhh. Feels good to justify my actions. Happy smoking :)


  1. People do come up with surprisingly insightful things while high. Despite never smoking myself, I can appreciate that weed seems a lot less harmful than smoking or drinking, but I must admit I had never considered the angle of it taking you away from reality. I suppose that can be kind of bad, but drinking takes you away from reality too. We've seen the adverts where the drunk guy thinks he's Batman.

  2. Weed is illegal for dumb reasons. Don't put to much thought in to it, its all pollotics and tradition.
    Weed is almost totaly legal where I am (cause it wastes cops time to inforce it) and here people smoke it socialy. And when they do its not to escape reality its just to get mellow on a friday night after a week of work.

  3. One of the many things that shouldn't be illegal.

  4. Good stuff. I enjoyed these ramblings. lol

  5. Dont smoke weed, but not against it so keep it up I guess if thats your thing.