Friday, August 26, 2011

What I told my friend who knows everything.

If reality is perception then therefore reality is debatable and no one has the right to say they know or see anything. You observe the world through your senses and these senses are constantly manipulated and corrupted as well as the amount of information you take in through them is but a fraction of what is actually going on and therefore altogether incomplete. This leads to two points of interest. First is that much of what you think you know is a lie. As your eyes looks at the world your mind translates and try’s to make sense of it all. Do not think your mind is always right you are constantly mistaking things around you and these mistakes warp what you call truth. The same thing happens with all your senses and reality suffers. So the reality you think you know is a lie and you are the one that’s lying. The second point of interest is that you are just barely observing the universe. Try an experiment with me. Look at this paragraph and see how many of the words you can look at at once. Try to take in everything instantly. Then look up and try to see how much of your world you can in at once. You are severely limited in your intake of info. What you call reality is just you fumbling through the universe randomly looking at insignificantly small pieces of data in an infinite amount of information that is constantly changing and evolving without you. But even with what your paying attention to you are limited by your mind and can only see and perceive just so much detail. So how is it that we are not just slamming our heads into brick walls as we stumble around? Our mind compensates our lack of information with memory. We slowly collect information over the years that helps fill in the gaps of knowledge that our senses leave out and remember that you’re constantly wrong so these memories are also fraudulent. But this leaves us with one more point of interest. Reality is in your head. You memories and knowledge are what build your perception not your senses. Your senses just give your mind its reference material for the present and you just make up the rest. So next time you think you know something remember that all you’re doing is sitting in your head making up reality with a wealth of false information just telling yourself that you know what’s going on.


  1. It just isn't possible to know everything anyway, you don't live long enough, and if you somehow did, you'll live so long you can't recall some of the earlier things you've learnt. Though not everything we know is a lie, I know I read that post, I know I have my own blog, I know I write in it, and nothing can convince me otherwise.

  2. As Tathagata Buddha said - With thoughts we make the world.

  3. As my teacher use to say: The more I learn, the more I realize how stupid I really am. lol